Panoramic views are located throughout the region surrounding Manciano. Every vantage point offers a picturesque view and captures the peaceful tranquility of river valleys, medieval villages, and the sea beyond.

 Piazza Magenta. Recommended for seaviews of Argentario, Montecristo, Corsica.


San Giovanni. From this vantage point you can see Manciano, with the sea in the background behind the city.


Montemerano. The entire length of this charmingly rustic road between Manciano and Montemerano offers a beautiful view of the areas carved out of tufo stone, such as Pitigliano and Monte Amiata.


Cascate del Mulino. The views from this point overlook the thermal waterfalls in the valley below.


 Porta Romana. Just beyond the Porta Romana lies a short stretch of the ancient Via Clodia, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys.

Via Clodia was an ancient Roman road, whose short distance was dedicated to commercial traffic with colonies in Etruscan land. This thoroughfare was called “spa path” (via delle terme) as it passed through various thermal bath centers and was said to terminate at the thermal baths in Saturnia.


 Belvedere Poggio Murella. From this spot you’ll be able to admire the gentle hills of Saturnia and the valleys leading to the sea at Argentario.


Belvedere Catabbio. The road to the tiny village of Catabbio in the municipality of Semproniano provides you with an unforgettable landscape.


Belvedere di San Martino. From a privileged position high above the surrounding valleys, you’ll be completely immersed in untouched nature.


Strada del Santarello. Deep in the Albegna river valley, you’ll admire the riverbanks and the lush vegetation: during the summer the entire area is covered in the red leaves of Hedisarum coronarum, and Cercis syliquastrum (also known as the “Judas” tree).


 The Roccaccia Montauto. There is a 360 degree view of the surrounding region.